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LGATASSIST (formerly named LGAT Welfare Fund) provides Local Government employees with support and assistance during times of health, financial and general personal difficulty.

LGATASSIST offers low interest loans to Local Government employees who are employed on a permanent basis and who are members of Tasplan Super. Other services provided by LGATASSIST include:

  • access to financial counselling to assist with household management
  • three bursaries annually, to enable Local Government employees or their dependents to attend the University of Tasmania (conditions apply)
  • non-refundable grants may be approved for cases of extraordinary financial hardship.
The LGATASSIST Board members:
Jill Taylor Chairman
John Phillips Australian Services Union
Geoff Dodge LGProfessionals
Tony Wolfe Australian Services Union
Dr Katrena Stephenson LGAT
Loan Information

Loans are available for Local Government employees currently employed on a permanent basis by a local council, Local Government Single or Joint Authority or a Water and Sewerage Corporation within Tasmania. This can be either on a full time or part time basis and the employee must be a current member of Tasplan Super.

Loan Details

Applicants must be over the age of 18 and must have been in employment for a minimum term of 3 months.

Amounts Available Minimum Repayments
Under 2 years of service $1500 maximum = $60 minimum p.ft
2-3 years of service $3000 maximum = $75 minimum p.ft
3-4 years of service $4500 maximum = $90 minimum p.ft
4-5 years of service $6000 maximum = $105 minimum p.ft
Over 5 years of service $7500 maximum = $120 minimum p.ft
Current Interest Rate:
  • General Purpose Loans 8.5%

Loan application forms are available in councils from payroll administrators or by contacting LGATASSIST on (03) 6146 3750 or



LGATASSIST grants may be considered in exceptional circumstances for rehabilitation and training, financial counselling and child/family welfare.  Local Government  staff who are currently employed on a permanaent basis by a local council or by a Local Government Single or Joint authority or a Water and Sewerage Corporation within Tasmania, on a full or part time basis and who is a current member of Tasplan Super is eligible to apply for a LGATASSIST grant.

Funeral Grants

Up to a maximum of $3500 for Local Government Employees only.

General Grants

Up to a maximum of $3500 and are considered by the LGATASSIST board.

With the exception of funeral grants, applicants must make a written request to the LGATASSIST board. Further information regarding grants may be obtained by contacting Michelle Freeman on 6146 3750 or


University of Tasmania Local Government Bursaries

LGATASSIST offers three bursaries of $2500 each per year, for a maximum of two years, for dependants of Local Government employees who are also members of Tasplan Super. The bursaries are allocated to eligible students commencing study in any course at the University of Tasmania.

2009/10 Bursary Recipients

Samantha Cassidy, Scottsdale
Jack Muir-Wilson, Wynyard
Greta Goldsmith, Penna

2010/2011 Bursary Recipients

Ben Askey, Southern Region
Evan Mansfield, North-west Region
James McElwee, Northern Region

2011/2012 Bursary Recipients

Courtney Rowe, Southern Region
Andrew Murfet, North-West Region

2012/2013 Bursary Recipients

Damon Singline, Northern Region
Hayden Reeve, Northern Region
Michelle Ennis, Southern Region

2013/2014 Bursary Recipients

Georgia James

2014/2015 Bursary Recipients

Charis Hennessey
Caris Mason

2015/2016 Bursary Recipients

Kirilee Porter
Emma Smith
Caleb Stone

2016/2017 Bursary Recipients

Laura Tucson
Gemma Winton
Hamish Jetson

2017/2018 Bursary Recipients

Keeley Wilson
Lauren Horne

For further information about the LGATASSIST bursary, email and include 'LGATASSIST Bursary' in the subject line.

For further information about scholarships and bursaries to attend the University of Tasmania, click here.

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