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The Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) is the body authorised by Tasmanian councils to represent them collectively. This ensures that Local Government is coherently and consistently represented.

LGAT facilitates representation onto subject specific, short-term working groups in order to progress reviews, projects and planning.

Specifically, the role of a LGAT nominated representative of local government is to:

  • provide a whole of Local Government perspective to the committee/working party
  • act as an access point for information from Local Government to the committee/working party
  • provide relevant information from the committee/working party to the LGAT to enable this to be made available to all councils

Liaison or consultation by an outside body with an LGAT nominated representative is not "consultation" within the terms of the Agreement between the Tasmanian Government and LGAT. Formal consultation with Local Government can only occur through LGAT.

If a committee/working party is at a stage where it would like to formally consult with Local Government on a particular matter (eg: consultation on a discussion paper), the committee/working party should be directed to LGAT.

A LGAT nominated representative's participation on a committee/working party cannot be regarded as LGAT or Local Government endorsement. A representative may feel that they are in a position to give an indication of the likely view of Local Government but no commitment can be made on behalf of all councils. A LGAT nominated representative should refer any formal documentation that binds LGAT or councils, to LGAT.

Association policy is set by members at General Meetings of the LGAT. If a policy issue arises on the committee/working party and clarification of Local Government policy is needed, please seek contact LGAT. Further, if any issue arises on the committee/working party that may have a significant or direct impact on Local Government, the representative should liaise with LGAT.

The Association can provide assistance and support. For more information about the support that is available to Local Government representatives, please phone Dion Lester on 6233 5972.

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