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About the Project

Local Government plays a key role in providing for the health and wellbeing of Tasmanian communities.  This  three-year  project supports councils in this role by informing and inspiring local strategic planning and actions for health and wellbeing.

About the Project.

Local Government Community Health and Wellbeing Project

This three-year project is a partnership between LGAT and Public Health Services in the  Tasmanian  Department of Health. Both organisations recognise that Local Government plays a key role in providing for the health and wellbeing of local communities. This role is also recognised as a function under the  Tasmanian Local Government Act 1993 . Tasmanian councils are doing some great work in supporting their communities.  However, they carry out this role in diverse ways, reflecting factors such as financial resources, staffing, community expectations, historical legacies as well as geographical and demographic factors.  

Project  Vision  

To facilitate the development of Tasmanian Councils as local place makers where community members know that their councils prioritise health and wellbeing in all aspects of their work.

Intended  Project  Outcomes  

Short to Medium Term  

  • Increased capacity of Local Government to support health and wellbeing initiatives    

  • Councils take a more structured and strategic approach to addressing the determinants of health in their communities   

  • Health and wellbeing initiatives are considered and included in council resourcing decisions   

  • Increase in councils’ use of local, meaningful and current data as a tool for service planning and delivery   

Longer Term  

  • Greater understanding and consideration of the determinants of health across council teams, departments and program areas   

  • Improvement in the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians   

  • Stronger communities which support and encourage each other to make changes to achieve better health  

  • Better integrated systems to promote health and wellbeing  

LGAT employed a project officer who commenced work in January 2018.  The project officer consulted with council staff responsible for the area of health and wellbeing, to understand more about the work already being done in communities and discuss how the project can best support them in their activities. Three  areas of focus  for the project  were identified:   

  • the facilitation of a series of Local Government forums on topics related to community health and wellbeing;  

  • support for councils interested in developing community health and wellbeing plans; and   

  • LGAT acting as a conduit for sharing information between councils and from external  organisations .  

This  information sharing  role has included  providing councils  with  material on funding opportunities, training, locally available data and services.   S everal councils  have  develop ed  Community Health and Wellbeing Plans  in 2018 . LGAT has actively supported this work by sharing information and documents and  has also  facilitat ed  a scoping session for two councils interested in developing a Community Health and Wellbeing Plan for their Local Government areas.  T wo forums  have been  held in the North and South of the state on  Creating and Funding Great Playgrounds and  Playspaces . These forums  bought  together a diverse range of council officers and elected representatives with an interest in the health and wellbeing of their communities . Further information, short films and  presentations from the  Creating and Funding Great Playgrounds and  Playspaces   forums is available  here   A series of forums is being planned for 2019.  


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