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Sustainable Council Events

Most events tend to generate a considerable amount of waste in a very short time.  To address this, Local Government has the ability to set parameters for events they undertake or contribute to, allowing them to include measures to foster greater resource recovery.
This toolkit is an easy to use resource for council to help them reduce the amount of waste produced at council run or supported events and venues. 

Sustainable Council Event Guidelines

While some event guidelines are waste management specific, others have a broader sustainability focus (i.e. transport, catering, site management, promotion, water, and energy). Both types of guidelines tend to include information around minimising packaging, bins and infrastructure, waste education and promotion, reporting, and evaluation. This information can be used to develop an effective event waste management plan and is outlined in the documents below:

Rethink Waste Tasmania: A Guide to Preparing an Event  

Waste Wise Events Guide (NSW)  

Zero Waste SA: Waste Minimisation Guide  

Victorian Waste Wise Events Toolkit  

Queensland Sustainable Events Guide


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